We are the only manufacture for Posi-Melt custom injection screws and injection screw design for optimum mix and reduced cycle times.

With nearly a century of experience, we know general purpose profile and substrate screws rarely meet the demands of ever changing polymer and resin compounds. Using general purpose screws in state-of-the-art machinery is similar to putting cheap tires on a fine race car.

To complement our high performance injection screw designs we are proud to offer Posi-Melt Technology. With a superior mix that produces 100% true vibrant color, Posi-Melt applications meet the most demanding melt quality and cycle times in the industry.


Injection screw design is based on several factors that are determined in our first consultation.

We exceed our customer’s needs and expectations by offering:

  • Assistance with complicated upsize and downsize packages.
  • L.I.M. (Liquid Injection Molding) conversion packages.
  • M.I.M. (Metal Injection Molding) conversion packages.
  • Thermoset conversion packages offered.
  • Minimum 1/2” O.D. to a maximum 12” O.D. screws.
  • Carefully engineered screw geometry to match the exact needs of your process.
  • Reduced cycle times and longer machine life.
  • Pairing of base materials and surface treatments to maximize screw life.
  • Screw recovery solutions for high performance and multiple applications.
  • Quality inspections with every step of the process to create customized parts specific to our customer’s demands.
  • Expertly manufactured parts that exceed OEM tolerances.
  • And more.

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