Posi-Melt Custom Injection Screws

To complement our high performance injection screw designs we are proud to offer Posi-Melt Technology. With a superior mix that produces 100% true vibrant color, Posi-Melt applications meet the most demanding melt quality and cycle times in the industry.


Extrusion Screws

Decades of experience in extrusion screw design allows us to work with just about every kind of resin or polymer, focusing on screws for premium color mixes with the most efficient compounding and throughput. We will also help you optimize your extrusion processes and extend the overall life of your screws and barrels.


Extrusion & Injection Barrels

We are the exclusive US distributor of Tan Star High-Performance Bimetallic Barrels. The only barrel suppliers we can find that meet our stringent quality standards. New or rebuilt – get powerful solutions to optimize your processes and meet your unique manufacturing needs.


Custom Screws & Barrels

We have solutions to assist you with processing difficult extrusion or injection materials. Our customized approach helps you increase productivity, output and accuracy, while reducing costs.


Valves & End Caps

Our complete selection of valves and end caps are manufactured from a variety of steels and alloys. Our performance enhancing solutions boost efficiency for your processes.


General Machining

We have been at the forefront in the production of plastic injection and extrusion screws for over 30 years. Part of our one-stop-shop approach is to offer complete machining services to keep your equipment running at optimum performance.

Ready to experience how our expertise can help boost your production?