Creating custom Injection and Extrusion Screws since the 1980s has made Santa Fe Machine Works, Inc. the most trusted screw manufacturer in the industry. We know how to assist customers in highly technical up or downsizing, L.I.M. conversions, and screw profile to resin matching. When we don’t have a screw, barrel or valve print, our experience has taught us how to apply reverse engineering so even that just about any used piece of equipment can be brought back to life.


If it’s made of metal and it comes out of a press, we know how to build or fix it. Superior performance and first class service is our specialty.


At Santa Fe Machine Works, we can handle any size or application for any manufacturer.

  • Our expertise is working with our customers every step of the way, from inception to the inspection of custom parts and components.
  • Detailed questions, designed to understand all aspects of the customer’s production landscape are asked at the beginning of a custom design project.
  • We ask our client if they are happy with screw wear, color mix, recovery & melt, or if they would like to improve certain areas.
  • Some customers expect a highly involved collaboration between their Production Team and our Engineering Department. Other customers just want us to analyze their data, identify the root cause of issues & make recommendations.
  • Once the teams establish a plan, Santa Fe Machine creates a blueprint for new parts & shares them with the customer for review & approval.
  • Critical areas of change are identified and shared with the customer, in order to make sure both teams are aligned.
  • After final customer approval, the prints turned over to our machinists to start cutting metal.

Being a small company with a history of general machining, collaboration, innovation and education are at the forefront of designing the most effective solutions to optimize your production. For example, our years of experience have proven how antiquated screw design can unexpectedly halt production and in some cases damage our customer’s machinery. By engineering and creating customized screw profiles, valve configurations & high wear/corrosion resistant barrels, Santa Fe Machine eliminates the time-wasting frustration of unreliable, off-the-shelf parts. In an era of billion-dollar corporations offering slow-to-no customer service, Santa Fe Machine Works offers substantial cost savings and peace of mind by providing personalized design and engineering services to optimize your production.

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