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Are injection/extrusion barrel linings a good idea?

The barrel used in an extrusion or injection molding machine will affect the final parts, the machine’s overall efficiency, and the project budget. Selecting the right barrel for the materials to be processed is essential. To further avoid production issues, manufacturers must also closely monitor their selected materials’ effects on their equipment. Processing abrasive, corrosive, […]

Why choose a bimetallic barrel for your plastic extrusion or injection?

When it comes to injection or extrusion molding, the barrel and the screw are the most critical components in the machine. They must be made from high-quality materials that are exceptionally strong and offer high temperature, wear, and corrosion resistance. Most barrels are made from 4140 and micro-alloy series steel due to the strength of […]

Why Custom Screws Are The Right Choice

Choosing the right screw for injection molding can significantly impact the throughput of your machine.  In addition, it can also determine how successful your project will be. The screw choice can ensure that there is no material degradation and the material is properly melted. The end results are a more efficiently molded product reducing scrap […]